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Hi, my name is


I love exploring anything related to technology.

Additionally, I have a strong interest in the world of photography, particularly virtual photography in video games

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Who am I?

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Hey Greetings, I'm L RMN👋🏼, I'm just your average person with a dabbling of coding knowledge and zero experience in virtual photography. When I'm not scrolling through cat videos on Instagram, I like to pretend to work on projects, hang out with people who barely tolerate me, read books (mostly for the pictures), listen to music, go on adventures (to the bed and back), and daydream about new ideas that I will likely never act on.

Despite my general cluelessness, I've always been curious about the world. As a kid hahaha, I loved taking things apart and pretending to know how to put them back together While my endeavors in coding and virtual photography have been underwhelming, I'm confident that my boundless enthusiasm and lack of expertise will carry me to new heights (or maybe just to the coffee shop). So if you're looking for someone who is mediocre at everything and has a knack for making bad jokes, I'm your guy!

Weird Hobbies:

  • Watching videos of cats eating at high speed.
  • Reading books upside down.
  • Listening to music with inverted headphones.

Featured Projects

“Talk is cheap. Show me the code”? I got you.
Here are some of my projects you shouldn't misss
Terminal Portfolio


The Discord music bot that's 100% free with no payment or votes required to access all its amazing functionalities.

  • Discord bot
  • Discord music
  • Radio FM
  • Music 24/7

L u c y ♡

a discord moderation & music 24/7. Music, Economy, Leveling, Fun, Reaction Roles, Moderation, and lots more!

  • Discord bot
  • Moderation
  • Music
Terminal Portfolio

Widget Spotify for obs

A Spotify player widget for OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS that displays the currently playing song.

  • widget
  • OBS
  • Livestream
  • Twitch
  • Spotify


Gaming clips sharing platform built using Vue, Express, Redis, Firebase, TailwindCSS and more.

  • Ohclips
  • Gaming
  • Share moment game
  • Web App
Other projects can be explored in my Github


I write blog posts about what I've done and what I'm doing as a documenting practice. Here are some of my recent blog posts.


Let's be awesome together!

if you're looking for someone who is mediocre at everything and has a knack for making bad jokes, I'm your guy! don't hesitate to contact me!

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